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If Billie Eilish started the ball rolling with ASMR like vocals, Alaina Castillo is ready to blow the roof off with the latest trend. When I sat down with Castillo she reminded me of Ariana Grande with a shy, but street cred undertone. The R&B singer had time to reflect on her mini three day tour that concluded in New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall. The young budding indie Texan R&B/Latina singer credits her success to YouTube. “I think if it weren’t for YouTube my managers wouldn’t have found me,” says Castillo.

Ladygunn sat down with Castillo to talk her new EP, Ariana Grande, and her personal style.

Did you have a musical family growing up?

My mother sang in a choir and she helped me get started singing in the church choir.

It seems like ASMR is the in thing right now. Do you think you are continuing the trend by incorporating it into your music?

I’d say there are some some songs of mine off the EP that are like that. It’s more of a variation from switching from that to singing in a more powerful way.

Who is an influence on you?

Ariana Grande is an influence on me. I really enjoy her vocals. She has a lot of vocal control and it’s  definitely something I consider when I’m singing. Billie Eilish. R&B singer Daniel Ceasar has a really great voice.

Antisocial Butterfly is the new EP. Why did you title it that?

I’m a very antisocial person but this EP is where I began writing all these songs and the lyrics are things that I usually wouldn’t say or do right off the bat. It’s me me blooming into the world.

What was it like to work with producer RØMANS? He has worked with Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, and Elton John. 

You can tell whenever he touched a track because he adds his own style to it. He’s very gifted whenever he’s writing. When I first met him I was intimated, but when I started talking to him, he’s very easy to talk to.

What social media platform do you like the most?

I love instagram. It’s very easy to talk to fans on YouTube. YouTube is just videos, but I think Instagram is what is happening in one’s life and you can DM fans on that platform as well. We have a lot of group chats with OGs and people who have fan accounts. I love talking to my fanbase.

Your personal style is….

I like wearing dark colors, hoodies, and combat pants. I can switch it up though. I love platform shoes.

What’s next in 2020?

We are always working on new music. There are new EPs, a full length album, and a new tour all in the new year.



story / Robert Frezza

photos / courtesy of Alaina Castillo


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