Afro-Caribbean Female Trio Nite Bjuti Is About to Change the Music Landscape With Their Debut Album

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Get ready to experience something truly experimental! Nite Bjuti [pronounced Night Beauty], a group of magnificent Afro-Caribbean women, has just debuted their self-titled album. As a trio of Black women artists, they weave multiple threads of storytelling with voice, bass, electro percussion, turntables, Haitian drums, dance, and visual projections to uncover the buried beauty of the Diaspora that transcends generations. Drawing inspiration from Haitian folklore centuries ago, Nite Bjuti tells the story of a girl whose bones sing in her afterlife, her spirit seeking justice.

On this astonishing album, singer/songwriter Candice Hoyes, bassist Mimi Jones, and Grammy Award-winning sound chemist Val Jeanty use archival resources ranging from the letters of Zora Neale Hurston to the iconic Kitchen Table Series by Carrie Mae Weems to publicize narratives focusing on Black women across time, ranging from vodoun, sisterhood, sexual expression, reproductive freedom, magic, to politics of respectability. ‘Nite Bjuti‘ represents the power of feminism at its best. The album conveys their unique blend of vocalism, jazz harmonic expression, a trio of traditional Haitian drums, electro percussion, turntables, and genre-bending bass to achieve transcendent storytelling.

Every track on the album is an improvisation on the spot. During an ongoing recording process, they honed the narrative flow of each track, sharing spiritual intentions, harmonic and melodic directions, historical wisdom, poetic prompts, and instrumentation. This helped manifest an album of brilliant sonic imagery, clarity, and human connection. With an approach that incorporates blues sensibility with percussion and electronic rhythms, bass textures, vocal sampling, poetry, and dance, the band is distinctively captivating.

Composed of eleven songs, each giving an almost surreal experience, the trio has crafted something truly unique. Starting with “Mood (Liberation Walk)”, a chaotic opening that blends sounds together to give the listener a taste of what’s to come. “Stolen Voice” slows things down a bit with more traditional sounds and arrangements without losing their essence. Jazz influences can be felt very strongly on this track with a captivating mix of sounds and influences, creating an unforgettable sonic experience. Following we have “Airy Thoughts,” a short interlude to what’s to come. “Illustrious Negro Dead” feels like poetry read with background music. It is a poetic journey with a soundscape unlike any other; it is a truly remarkable experience.

Hoyes’ honey-sweet voice greets us right at the start of “The Window,” with guitar chords and a soothing rhythm present throughout the entire song. “Witchez” produces almost a raw primal sound that is a masterful blend of powerful and calming sounds; this track is nothing short of exceptional. “Speech and Silence” has no lyrics but instead has a peculiar amalgamation of sounds and voices. “Soursop” is the shortest tune but delivers the most playful rhythm of the album. “Echo Stolen” is another short interlude that serves as an opening for the next song “Silk Asteroids.” Both tunes are pretty short but combined they make one of the most enjoyable moments of the album. “Singing Bones” is our final track, it is an upbeat, bass-heavy tune that will get you moving. The trio closes the album with an unforgettable melody.

Overall, Nite Bjuti has created something that is unique and powerful. It is a reflection of the current state of the world and speaks to the struggles of Black women everywhere. It is truly a masterpiece that is destined to be a massive success.



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