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Why do you call yourself Raindear and what’s the meaning behind it?
It means that I could be someone’s dear when it pours.
How long have you been creating music? What made you start?
I have pretty much always been doing music and it’s hard to say one thing that made me start, it was just the most natural thing to do as both my parents are professional musicians and I grew up surrounded in music.
I think I wrote my first song at the age of five and through my whole childhood I used to be obsessed with pop hits and I used to record numerous of demos at home on cassettes. I had a break from writing music in my teens cause I guess I focused on other stuff but then I ended up getting back into it again. Thank God!
What do you wish for in the next steps of your life?
I’ve definitely sacrificed a lot of ”normal dreams” in life and I’ve never prioritized a stable economy or a ”real job”, all I’ve ever done I’ve done it for the music so I feel I might as well keep focusing on this until I’m where I need to be. Of course, I want other stuff in life, like family and stability but that just has to be put on hold for now.
So what I wish as the next step in life is to make a couple of albums with awesome textures and moods and then I want to tour the world with that material.
What would you do if you weren’t a musician?
I was very interested in fashion and wanted to be a fashion designer when I was younger, but I probably couldn’t cope with that industry. But maybe if I could sit alone in a cottage on a mountaintop and make beautiful clothes, I could cope with that.
What was the last text message you wrote?
“Heineken is the worst though”
Who do you look up to musically?
People who follow their heart, who are not trying to calculate and control what is gonna generate success and money. I look up to people who just do their thing. Strong females like Grimes, Björk, Kate Bush etc. My family members. My younger sister Iris Bergcrantz who makes fantastic music (do check out). I LOVE Jamie xx’s productions and I bumped into him the other night, so starstruck! I look up to a lot of people but they gotta be genuine with their love for music.

story + photos / Clara Nordlander Wiberg




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