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I wrote “Myself,” after first moving to LA and spending a lot of time by myself and getting used to being alone. The song expresses a need I was feeling for love and intimacy as a distraction from deep-rooted feelings and problems. Adapting to the isolation which came only a few months later from the COVID 19 quarantine helped to inspire the creation of the visual. 

The video for “Myself” shows my adjustment to creating while I’ve been quarantined in Miami, where I have been staying with family. It was shot completely on an iPhone X and produced by friends, who began media and production company GOODHOUSE Productions, as a reaction to the quarantine as well. This is their first-ever video they have made together. The video is created to make it look like I am a moving image in a static picture and incorporates many graphic elements to convey the feeling of reading a personal journal. “Myself” is the first single off of my upcoming YELLOW BLAZER EP, out October of this year.

To stay sane, I asked my friends for suggestions on the 3 things they do to keep sane during the lockdown:

Ana of Supervulgar, Makeup artist (@supervulgar)

  1. Journaling 
  2. Reading 
  3. Facetiming Friends

Katie Riggs, Vocal Coach  (@Katykmusic)

  1. Online meetings with friends
  2. Walking my dog a ton
  3. Audiobooks! 
  4. But I also have taken up cooking and meditate everyday 

Dean DiCriscio, Stylist  (@deandicriscio)

  1. Cooking
  2. Yogy
  3. Freaking Out

VLNTN of Fiji Blue, Singer-Songwriter (@loveval & @fijiblue)

  1. Working out
  2. Making music 
  3. Meditating

Carley Nunn, Singer-Songwriter (@caleynunn)

  1. My dog, Riley – we don’t deserve dogs. They are the BEST. 
  2. FaceTime / the House Party app – seeing friends & fam on there has been huge for me 
  3. Working out or going on long walks- getting outside the house & getting fresh air has been a necessity 

Greisun, Singer-Songwriter (@iamgreisun)

  1. Writing and producing music
  2.  Walks and getting into running again 
  3. Pinterest!!!!! Mystical for the imagination ✨
  4. (weed lol)



photos / courtesy of artist

story / Ella M

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