Music Review: Charles Bradley, 'No Time for Dreaming'

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No Time for Dreaming: Charles Bradley, By: Koko Ntuen

Charles Bradley’s new album is far less a battle cry than  a memoir of his life through song. The trials and tribulations of making it in the world are evident in his biography and far more evident in every track of ‘No Time For Dreaming.’  This sounds like a proper 70’s record recorded on reel tape and vintage analog equipment. His voice cries out in a soulful, soothing plea asking,”Why Is It So Hard?”, the first song I listen to. The horns shout on in affirmation as the song goes through a biography full of  questions of making it in the land of milk and honey.  The rest of the album seems like a steady progression to the same thought. He sings about loving, needing, feeling ill, understanding and falling in love all at the same time.
In “No Time For Dreaming” Bradley tells us what the album is really about getting up and doing your thing. That is exactly what Charles is doing by recording an album writing these songs and, well, making the listener want to experience all those raw emotions he has stored. The music is a delirious throwback to when horns were heavy and the soul was even heavier.
“Since Our Last Good Bye” stands out from the rest of the album in an electronic/ acoustic sound, but still strong soul nonetheless.  “Lovin’ You Baby ” is a familiar heartfelt love declaration reminding me of Buddy Guy’s “My Love is Real”.  “Heartache and Pain” is the stand out track on this album, the horns, the drums and Charles’ dynamic voice all come together in a musical eruption.
Music Info// Artist: Charles Bradley  / Album Name: No Time for Dreaming/  Label:Dunham  / Release Date:  Release Date: January 25, 2011 / Genre: Soul
Charles Bradley – “The World” Behind The Scenes from BVBBG on Vimeo.

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