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Photos // Jena Cumbo

Styling // Phil Gomez 

MUA // Zac Hart

Hair // Yuseff Smyth

Living in the most popular city in the world may have some perks but even then, things can be missed in the chaos of the city that never sleeps. LADYGUNN partners with photographer Jena Cumbo to bring you “MEET CUTE,” a fashion editorial photo series by EIC and Stylist Phil Gomez highlighting NYC nightlife, performance artists  and creative cuties we feel you should know. Meet HAGEN – night club darling and party girl you’ll immediately fall in love with.

What brought you to NYC?
I officially moved to New York for two reasons: to further my musical education and discover who I am. My tiny hometown had a population of 600 people, and with my passion for music I was able to navigate around the world before landing in NYC permanently. I had visited New York several times prior to moving here, and every time I would leave I would sit in the airport crying over how sad I was to be leaving the city. Each visit gave me a glimpse of the person I would soon become after moving here; it felt like it was the only option for me.

What inspires you?
I typically pull inspiration from the people in my life. Life can be so relentless and when the times get rough, the first thing I do is think about my friends and imagine myself channeling all of the wonderful qualities they have. Whether it is in regards to a financial decision or how I’m going to dress that day, the company I will inevitably be with largely inspires my decisions and keeps me grounded.

What you do for fun/work?
Depending on what season it is, my hobbies include cleaning (seriously, I find cleaning extremely relaxing), reading, journaling, finding new music to listen to, going out to nightclubs & lounges, and taking long walks by myself. I try to keep my interests varietal because the idea of being stagnant scares me. I love hot weather, so during the summer I typically am at my social peak- whereas in the winter I tend to be a more of a recluse.

For work, I do a bit of everything! At this stage of my life, I work for a few nightclubs in the city. I’m very protective of things I’m passionate about, for example: I only work where there is no uniform or dress code. My wardrobe is an integral part of my identity, as is the case with many trans people. I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from pursuing musical work, however, because the stress of surviving off of a musicians salary and going through the notions of putting price tags on my art began to affect my relationship with music as a whole.

What can we expect from you in the future?
As I was just touching on- I haven’t been performing or teaching any music the past few years to protect its sacredness to me. That being said, the time is almost here for me to return to my roots as a lean, mean music machine. I turned my bedroom into a music studio and am working on a bunch of fun disco music I can’t wait to release. Essentially, people can expect a pop star era from me in the upcoming years. Outside of careers, with all of the political craziness going on in the world, it’s due time for me to get more involved in local activism. It seems that activists and journalists are needed more than ever right now, and I don’t feel right with not getting involved with something that will ultimately affect us all.

What’s a song you have on repeat, right now?
Pass This On by The Knife

Describe your personal style. What helps you stand out?
I’m obsessed with animal print. I aim to be dressed for work, a party, and relaxing at home all at once. I try to create a bit of drama in most of my outfits. My favorite style eras are the 60’s for the Mod theme and 80’s for all of the vibrant colors.

Top, Aida Kaumenova (DOORS NYC). Silicon bodysuit, MYOB (DOORS NYC). Belt Skirt, Kalaqtic. Knit hat, Vintage.

Hat, DIESEL. Bra top, OTKUTYR (DOORS NYC). Dress, House of Campbell (DOORS NYC). Bottoms, DI.CC.VI (DOORS NYC). Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell. Clutch, Hala & Tatiana (DOORS NYC).

Hat, Nosense (DOORS NYC). Dress, Chictopia (DOORS NYC). Belt, Necklace, BDODI (DOORS NYC). Jacket, Mazrood (DOORS NYC).

Earrings, Jorocco. Top, Marine Henrion (DOORS NYC). Corset + Skirt, Jenn Lee (DOORS NYC). Shoes, Benedetta Boroli (DOORS NYC).

Dress, 1111. Vest, JSIME (DOORS NYC). Jewelry, Alexis Bittar.



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