Lissie | Acoustic | "THEY ALL WANT YOU"

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We had the chance to hang out with one of the most beautiful, soulful spirits we ever met and the session was enchanting. Lissie is Elisabeth Corrin Maurus,  the wunderkid from Rock Island, Illinois, who from the very start of her music career had people turning heads.
One of those heads was¬†Lenny Kravitz who invited her to be the opening act for his¬†Love Revolution Tour¬†in 2008. ¬†Not bad for a girl who had only released¬†four-song EP prior. ¬†Granted that before that she had a hit song, “All My Life” with DJ¬†Morgan Page¬†that made¬†cameos on shows such as,¬†House,¬†The O.C.,¬†Veronica Mars and¬†Wildfire.
Did I mention that she also toured with Tom Petty,  and made records with Robbie Williams and Snow Patrol. She also has a dog named Byron and is friends with Ellie Goulding,  so at this point we are wondering is there anything Lissie can do to make us not love her?
Her newest album Back To Forever is out now!

Lissie singing an acoustic set of "THEY ALL WANT YOU"
For Ladygunn TV
Directed by Joshua Shultz
Cameraman /  Eric Monney
Grooming /  Jennifer Faustino
Assistant Groomer /  Sara Faustino
Shoot in Venice California
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