LADYGUNN VIDEO PREMIERE: Scarlet Sails – "Boy, You’re Wrong"

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NYC rock band Scarlet Sails is a new project helmed by husband and wife,  Brian Viglione of the Dresden Dolls and Violent Femmes fame, and Russian-born badass pianist/vocalist, Olya Viglione. Together with band members Mark Kohut on guitar and Jesse Krakow on bass they have cultivated an exciting psychedelic 70s mash of driving distorted guitars and haunting vocals.  The video is a visionary tale with heavy influences from lead singer Olya’s past she says,
“It’s about wanting to connect with someone from within, but not being able to trust. Having gone through dark life experiences and having relationships with the wrong people, you only learn how to build walls and play games instead so you won’t get hurt. This song screams for a break away from false pretense and painful old patterns and dares you to deal with your real feelings so you are able to break free.”
Watching Olya break free of her metaphorical ropes and chains under rose petals in this spooky video is a cathartic release that you can watch on repeat. Their debut album, Future From The Past, is due out in April.

photo / Cory Ingram

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