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With LADYGUNN’s Legends Issue right around the corner, which includes the ultimate Renaissance man Jared Leto gracing one of our covers, it is only essential that through Ladygunn TV, we give you a sneak peek into our photo shoot and just a taste of what he and his band, 30 Seconds To Mars, have to say about their lives and career together. As their fourth album Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams has been a fixture on the airwaves for months now with their singles, “Up In The Air” and “City of Angels”, it’s easy to understand why 30 Seconds To Mars have been so wildly successful. Not only are they deeply committed to the music, but they’re devoted to their fans which also include us here at Ladygunn. Personally, it’s been a dream to interview them for a while now, and though time can go by so quickly, we definitely had a lot of fun with them. Look out for our Legends Issue this October!! Sneak Peak of the guys below!

photo / Koury Angelo
grooming / Annie Esquerra
stylist / Beau Barela
Directed by / Joshua Shultz
Executive Producer / Koko Ntuen
Producer: Sam Evans-Butler
Interviewer / Logan Brendt
cover story / Heather Seidler

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