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A young girl meets a demon on a rooftop. He waves to her and she gives him a thumbs up. What is the future of the deep dark web? Starring rapper Kitty, Jennifer Prediger (Red Flag), Jonathan Lisecki (Gayby), and Christine Choy (Who Killed Vincent Chin?). Written and Directed by Sebastian Sommer, a filmmaker from NYC. His work has screened at the TriBeCa Film Festival. He is an Assistant Editor to the upcoming “Yosemite”, a feature film starring James Franco and Henry Hopper.
EGO DEATH is an experimental meditation on Internet fame and the deep web. The short film employs the use of various mediums and collaborators as it deconstructs the under belly of the Internet. We talked to Sebastian Sommer about what the hell it all meant.

What was your inspiration behind Ego Death? Why the name Ego Death?
I was inspired by the deep web and the future of the deep web and wanted to explore it in an experimental way. The film is a look at the way we watch videos now vs. pre internet and the free/insanely easy access to information that we have. I called the film Ego Death because I want everyone on this Earth to experience the death of self so that we could take a step back to look at humanity as a whole and the way these new advances have the ability to shape us.

The film is so trippy how do you write your scripts?

I sit down at my desk and take a nap. Then I get into bed and start writing!

This is like the internet of films. You can’t stop watching and the more you watch the deeper you get and then you are left wondering WHY? What was that!? Was this your intent?

Definitely. There is a lot decipher within the film, it rewards with something new each time you watch it. I wanted the film to be self aware, especially of the fact that you probably just watched it on a laptop.

Have you ever tripped acid?

This film doesn’t have to do with acid.

Can you tell us what you think of the term “Sea Punk?”

I don’t know.

Do you consider yourself to be one of those people?


How did you decide to cast Kitty as lead?

I really like her music. I had heard “Orion’s Belt” and “Okay Cupid” around the time I was writing this film and loved those songs. I love what she is doing and the way she is utilizing the internet.

What kind of music do you listen to when you are writing?

Anything and everything, I listen to it all. Real talk though I worry sometimes about how loud I listen to music on my iPod when I was the city streets because apparently that is supposed to be really bad for your ears and I really don’t want that.

What are you working on next?

My first feature film. A thriller set in the soho area of NYC. I am shooting it this summer.

Tell us your dream plot and who would star in it.

A light romantic comedy set within a digital universe where we have reached singularity and our minds have become one with computers, enabling us to live forever and create forever. The film would star everyone that ever was and that ever could be.
interview / Koko Ntuen

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