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Welcome to our first week of Ladygunn Secrets, the Instagram takeovers where artists spill their deepest darkest, and fans can get answers to their burning questions! The daughter of the Ladygunn Lockdown series, Ladygunn Secrets is a weekly happening in an effort to bring everyone a little bit closer together.

This last week, we saw Audrey Mika, Maisie Peters, Lauren Ruth Ward, Soko, and Isaac Dunbar roam around their daily routine while divulging some personal details. Thanks for your gorgeous, spirited transparency, and welcome to the Ladygunn family.

Enjoy the exclusive recap below!


Sultry, R&B pop queen Audrey Mika  spilled her secrets first last week. A gen-z icon in the making, Audrey has amassed literally millions of streams since her first release in 2018, and has been growing steadily upward ever since.

The fresh bop maker shared with us that her guilty pleasure is a sweet, filled to the brim souvenir shop. “You can just get keychains on keychains…and pens.” Her favorite fan moments thus far has been being able to bring them up on stage, “and literally the ENTIRE THING,” she told us over some photos of her on tour.

When asked what the most embarrassing inspiration for a song lyric was, Audrey admitted that it was, indeed, falling for “stupid boys and then crying about it!” Audrey got personal with us, divulging that when she’s anxious she listens to music and tries to focus on just one instrument in the song. A musician at heart, Audrey told us she wouldn’t trade her career for anything in the world. But, if she did have to choose…she’d be a soccer player.

To close, Audrey revealed her favorite piece of advice: there are millions of people doing exactly what you’re doing; how are you going to be different? Listen to the groovy results by following Audrey Mika’s music below.



Charming folk starlet, Maisie Peters, is the British songwriter who earned a widespread following and loyal fanbase for her natural storytelling skills. Her Ladygunn Secrets was no exception.

Aside from writing gorgeous, must-hear acoustic pop songs, Maisie is one who doesn’t take herself too seriously. With a light heated shrug, she admitted she’s probably eaten about thirty scones since quarantine started. We’re right there with you, Maisie. She also shared that her favorite CD (or iPhod Shuffle Repeat album) as a youngin was by the Dalton Academy Warblers from Glee.

The glowing queen told us that at a brisk seven years old she started a “Walk For Whales” with her best friend. When that friend bailed out, unfortunately, she had to stroll along with her dad to raise the money. At least someone was there for the whales! Her sixth and final fact was that she, Maisie Peters, has never been stung by a bee. She is convinced they know and respect her. Once again, we agree with you Maisie! Dance along and get lost in Maisie Peters’ melodic stories below.



Step One: Meet the Lizard queen, Lauren Ruth Ward. Step Two: Download her entire repertoire on Spotify, and buy some merch. Step Three: Rinse and repeat.

A creative turned hairdresser turned Los Angeles rock and roll icon, Lauren Ruth Ward has had a mosaic of a life. The colorful personality shared her innermost thoughts and fears with us while simultaneously divulging the steps to having colorful, rainbow hair: Moroccan oil on the ends to prevent drying, and dancing in the sun while you wait for the color to process.

Lauren is a spotlight of her own on any stage. She shared with us that since tour has been postponed, her home hair salon has been converted into a storage unit for merch items, like vinyl and t shirts. On March 1st, Lauren launched a vinyl store with Bandcamp to get these babies to fans who had been waiting to buy at concerts. When asked what she’ll miss most about quarantine, LRW answered that it would be her IG live series, convo-sessions. “Stopping at 100 feels right. Really looking forward to writing and recording for all four of my bands!”

When asked how to make a career out of music, Lauren answered: “Run towards it full throttle. Let it take over your life, kill you, then reform you. This applies to anything you want to have a career in / become.” Witness this in action by getting to know LRW below.



To know French artist Soko’s music is to know intimacy in the form of song; emotion carried by a melodic, thought provoking whisper. Often divulging her deepest, darkest secrets in her writing, Soko shared: “Sad songs are kinda my favorite. When I perform them, I feel all those feelings again. But I don’t mind it. It’s like a little time capsule of who I was and who I am right now.”

A musician, actress, and queer mother of one, Soko told us that she took a break from music to act and spend time with her new little one. Still a creator by nature, her new album, Feel Feelings, comes out on June 12th. Singing a preview for us of her favorite song off the project, ‘Hurt Me With Your Ego’, Soko described the forthcoming album as “slower and sexier but still melodic and personal.”

Soko disclosed that in California, it is legal to pick fruit off trees that hang over the sidewalk! Go for a stroll and enjoy these “free gifts from mother nature to you,” while catching up on Soko’s entire collection below. *Bisous*



He’s creative, he’s groovy, he’s thoughtful, and he’s only 16. Striving to make people feel less alone, Isaac grew up as a Liberian-American, artistic, and flambouyant kid. He describes his music as “self-aware alternative pop,” accurately reflecting the lush, driving synthpop he creates. “I have a lot of secrets, but they won’t be secrets anymore because you’re about to know all of them.”

‘What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve said in school?’ One fan asked. Isaac, in an effort to fit it all into a 15 second instagram story, practically rapped what happened when he was on the school bus at age nine. Obsessed with Azaela Banks, he began freely spitting one of her rhymes, but the other students laughed and made fun of him. “The reason it was embarrassing is because I didn’t know what I was saying.” Imagine a nine year old rapping Bank’s song 212…we’ll let you google that yourself.

Whenever the character Dylan was released in the Bratz series is when Isaac admitted that he had his first boy crush. The craziest thing he says he’s ever heard is “You’re telling me…that you can have sex with a guy?” He answered this question while bumping Audrey Mika’s new smash, ‘Just Friends.’ It was a moment. The best advice he’s ever gotten is “Nobody cares,” or that just means that nobody cares what the best advice he’s ever gotten actually is. We’re not sure, but we’re dancing anyway. Fall in love with Isaac Dunbar below.





photos / courtesy of the artists

story / Ariana Tibi

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