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Good morning, happy readers – we finally made it. Through the wreckage and into May, through the spring and into summer (at least on our playlists), and through 60 consecutive Instagram Live interviews and performances on Ladygunn Lockdown. She’s been thriving, singing, and chatting away for three months now and at last she’s ready to reveal her new look. The Ladygunn Lockdown series has been given a makeover: Ladygunn Secrets begins today (May 18th) at 10am PST.

In our new series, we will go “backstage” with artists around the world into their homes and quarantine-quarters as they share their hobbies, hidden talents, and secrets with us. To kick things off right, we have Gen-Z pop starlet Audrey Mika taking over our Instagram today at 10am PST.

For one final time, get to know these brilliant Lockdown performers below and we’ll see you, secrets and all, next week.


interview & words /Paulette Ely

Selah Sue’s Ladygunn Lockdown was the warm embrace that we all crave these days. The musical master and mother gave us a look into her life as she spoke about gracefully juggling the release of her brand new EP while taking care of the kids; and singing live to spread love through Lullabies to families around the globe. Being the day after mother’s day and a few days after her birthday, Selah Sue had a lot to celebrate, yet she made sure to touch on all sides of the emotional arena through her interview. Speaking on her experiences of mental health battles and giving advice to those who may be struggling too, Selah was the vulnerable voice of honesty that so many needed to hear. And, when all was said and done, Selah gave us an acoustic performance that completely blew us away. As we wiped our tears and pre-saved her Bedroom EP, I think we all began to ask, “can Selah be my mom?”



interview / Paulette Ely

It is truly impossible to not love Zella Day, and the energy of her lockdown made us fall for her even harder. Zella has become a household name from her stunning original songs to her creative covers. That said, after giving us one of her first interviews fresh from her 4 year hiatus, we know now that she is not only an incredible singer/songwriter but also a shining soul. Before getting into a performance that took our breath away, Zella connected with both her fans and her inner truth in a conversation that couldn’t have been any better. Speaking about the choices she’s made and the growth that those choices have fostered, Zella can act as inspiration for so many people who have found themselves in the beautiful chaos of this industry. To Zella Day, we say thank you, and we can’t wait to let your upcoming EP soundtrack our lives.



interview & words / Ariana Tibi

If Nadya Tolokonnikova was fictionalized, she would be a superhero, wearing both strength and honesty as armor. As an activist, she’s seen it all: from protests and arrests to violence and heartbreak. Though she’s gained some muscle over the years, her emotional insight was profoundly present and Nadya was vulnerable with us last Wednesday during her Lockdown interview. She shared that while her recent releases, Knife & Her, were written one year ago, they are regrettably relevant today. The songs were written about domestic violence, a subject Nadya knows too well,  in response to the lack of legislation in place to protect victims in Russia.

Nadya also shared with us that during her popular video ‘Make America Great Again’ some of the actors took their roles too seriously and began harassing her off camera. She knew they meant no harm, but discussed the danger of manipulation and power trips. Nadya couldn’t reveal where she was quarantined but did grace us with a pop-tastic performance of her new EP and other hits in her arsenal. Using her vibrator as a microphone, she liberated viewers by standing strong in her own freedom. Thank you Nadya, we’ll be spinning your beats all year (click below).



interview & words / Paulette Ely

The talent of Raquel Rodriguez cannot be tamed, and her fully produced performance made dancing along inevitable. The LA native is truly a breath of fresh air, emphasizing the importance of fun during times like these. Before bumping and grooving alone in our room’s along with her badass beats and silky vocals, Raquel first talked a bit about her journey through music in the cultural mish-mash that is LA. Committed to staying creative and keeping spirits high, Raquel has kept this quarantine as upbeat as possible. As she continues to film videos and create new music, we know that we are able to call on Raquel whenever we need to remind us that life can be colorful even during uncertain times.



interview & words / Paulette Ely

Although we were on different sides of the world and our phone connections could only stretch so far, Lila Ike went so deep into sharing the inspirations behind her new album that we felt as close to her as humanly possible. The Jamaican born and bred visionary just released her EP, The ExPerience, and the energy of each song is as unique as Lila is. Despite her busy schedule, Lila took a moment to sit down and speak about each song off of the EP, explaining how fusing different genres with her Reggaeton roots created an energy that can infect the entire world.


Thank you to all of our performers and the incredible team at Ladygunn for keeping our colorful world spinning round. 



photos / courtesy of the artists

story / Ariana Tibi


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