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Alex Hughes Launches So.Gay!

Photos // Troy Hallahan

On Sunday, June 16th, Alex Hughes, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Hughes Brand Group, officially unveiled the publishing house’s latest venture: So.Gay magazine. The much-anticipated launch event was held at the Grayson Hotel’s rooftop, where partygoers gathered at the newly opened Bar Cima, a locale quickly becoming famed for its stunning views of New York City’s skyline.

The celebration attracted a vibrant mix of the NYC queer community’s top talent. Each guest added their unique flair to the evening, amplifying queer excellence that was palpable throughout the event.

A highlight of the evening was a pop up photo studio by photographer Troy Hallahan. Guests were invited to capture the moment, resulting in a stunning collection of photos that encapsulate queer joy at its finest. These images offer a glimpse into the celebratory atmosphere of the So.Gay launch. The event was more than just a party; it was a declaration of So.Gay’s mission to celebrate and elevate queer voices and stories.



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