WFW Fashion Shoot With Andrew W K & Cherie Lily

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story+ styling / Gina Tron

photographer / Nick Childers

retouching / Koko Ntuen

hair and makeup /  Lorena + Magaly Cochachi

Gearing up for the first issue of Williamsburg Fashion Weekend Magazine, Ladygunn hosted a shoot to feature Andrew W K and Cherie Lily modelling WFW designer gear for the magazine’s editorials. Well Cherie, did. Andrew sported his trademark white outfit.
The iconic duo are big supporters of Brooklyn, and I recently spotted them performing at the now infamous Bushwick Block Party a month ago. Their energy was amazing, some people in the crowd not so much. Some douche who looked like he walked out of an NSYNC video circa 1999 poured beer on my head. That was mildly annoying, but not as annoying and scary as the glass bottles that were being thrown down into the street from douchebags that were perched upon the rooftop of the McKibbon lofts [lofts made famous for housing artsy kids, made infamous when one of the lofts exploded back in 2005].  “It’s really dangerous!” Cherie exclaimed while wearing a colorful outfit by Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty. “You can kill somebody. I was right there by that building and people were throwing cans and bottles and I just couldn’t believe it! I was like, how old are we?! Somebody could die if a glass bottle fell from that height.” It was a crazy night. Not one to miss. The police had to stop the party. “Now that’s a party. It is Andrew W K related after all and he is the king of party.
Andrew told me that when he first moved to NYC from Michigan he lived in Williamsburg.  And his first job here in NY was in fashion. At Comme Des Garcons! Though nowadays he tells me that, “he doesn’t incorporate a lot of fashion into his work.” He is a fan of Canali bags though.
Cherie Lily is a big proponent of lavish fashion, often performing in leotards and bright outfits. She’s like a workout butterfly. On the day of our shoot she was wearing spiked Jeffrey Campbell shoes with a hidden wedge. She told me that as a kid she “was always taking my dad’s clothes and wearing them. I’d take my dad’s t-shirt and put a belt on it and always just try to come up with weird stuff. I remember my mom got me a leather skirt when i was 5 and I freaked out. It was the best thing in the world!”
Cherie, who is a big fan of  Butch Diva, Costello Tagliapietra, Tom Ford, and Chanel tells me that she loves to seek out crazy stores while on tour. She is also very influenced by the nightlife scene and cited designer John Renaud who makes clothing for such fun nightlife icons like Peaches. Although she loves the crazy designers, she also loves that the crazier ones are harder to find. “It makes it more fun when you find the far out stuff!!” Kinda like diamonds in the rough. And she shined in Nathalie Kraynina’s feathered rockstar jacket paired up with a bleached and stencil-filled black mini by Brittany Erb.
And speaking of shiny stuff, it may be hard to believe that Andrew W K, the man who hosts Cartoon Network’s Destroy Build Destroy, a show dedicated to blowing shit up would have a soft spot in his hard for My Little Pony. But he does! “I just always loved this creature, the ponies in general. This small horse with its fluffy coat; they are stocky and strong but also very precious. Who wouldn’t want to see a cartoon about that whether its the original one or the new one?” Not only is Andrew king of the party, but he king of the bronies. If you don’t know what that word means, I’d really suggest looking it up!  Andrew will be speaking at a My Little Pony convention in Ohio this September which is dedicated to the series and dedicated to the theme of friendship. “Its the spirit of joy and cuddly creatures.” That’s what I Iove about these guys. They do want they want, they wear what they want, and they give off such positive and genuine vibes.
Check out their editorial shots in WFW Magazine which is due to be in PDF form next week and will be given out in print form at the show. Definitely check out the fashion forward and environmentally conscious designers that will be showcased at Williamsburg Fashion Weekend on September 14th and 15th.


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