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Bring On The Rain!


By Adeline Tan

The Typhoon Fall 2013 collection by Wanda Nylon is nothing short from cutting edge and ‘out of this world’. Wanda Nylon is the only fashion brand dedicated to rain protection and water. You never could possibly fathom that there could be so many unique ways to wear a raincoat. Evidently inspired by the translucent raincoats in sci-fi flicks and space age movies, but with a contemporary lavish approach on functional rainwear.
Think Blade Runner a la Zhora’s transparent raincoat in that legendary chase scene except with a much happier ending. Rainy days just became a reason to show off your outerwear and rain gear with adventurous options from Wanda Nylon. Fashionable water resistant materials that are innovative in addition to being ecological because 90% of their products are made out of recyclable materials. You can be ecologically friendly and fashion forward at the same time!
Turtle print transparent coats, Bordeaux vinyl skirts and removable hoodies. These modish items are perfect on a wet day. The typhoon fall 2013 collection ranges from jackets with purple velvet collars, turtle print hats, black vinyl raincoats with black velvet flocking, transparent biker jackets with grey piping to an aviator Bordeaux vinyl jacket with white lambskin fur and black leather belt cuffs. Rainwear for the progressive city girl, these water-resistant wear will make you feel and look like a rock star straight from the pages of an editorial. Science fiction chic complete with laptop bag sleeves that look like bullet proof vests in black opal squares and a grey PVC coat with a black wool high collar that are beyond stylish.

Recently Wanda Nylon was featured in V magazine’s May-June 2013 issue as well as InStyle Russia’s June 2013 issue.
Wanda Nylon rainwear are meant to make statements, one that is lasting as the person wearing these looks will turn heads. Like walking out of a set of a sci-fi movie complete with PVC knee length boots, long sleeve black vinyl turtlenecks and electric blue piping on see-through raincoats. It all screams ultramodern. An obvious monochromatic color choice makes the collection wearable and creates the option of separates to pair along other outfits. The slight pops of colors like purple, turtle and electric blue accents gives it an extra punch.


Transparent PVC trench coats with black cotton piping, notched lapels that lead into double-breasted buttons. It seems like the future is now.



This is everything!

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