Tyler McGillivary’s World of Fashion For Your Magical Existence [LOOKBOOK PREMIERE]

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Photos/  Sasha Frolova
Models /  Symone Lu, Lida Fox

Tyler McGillivary is the 24-year-old designer behind her namesake label. The brand is a reflection on identity, creativity and dress and how each informs the other. Each collection combines elements of surrealism, color theory, visual art and animation which are then translated into playful textiles and color schemes.

The SS20 collection draws on feelings of nostalgia and escapism as it’s main sources of inspiration. The bold colors and whimsical details as a reaction to the sense of gloom and doubt currently overwhelming contemporary life. The goal of the collection is to inject a sort of magical realism into every day, to allow the act of getting dressed to turn into a cathartic and joyful experience.”
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