Timothy K.

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story + photos / Michaela Calotta


Many a Brooklynite hiked through the snow and rain to travel to the fashion presentation held by Timothy K. at the Gowanus Ballroom. Upon arrival, guests wandered around a (shady) brick warehouse and ventured into the Ballroom, greeted at first by an amazing array of metalworks featuring a Shakesperian metallic arm grasping a skull and a massive insect clinging magically to a wall. More interesting than the metalwork, however, were the other guests of the show. A lady with pink hair, a former Playboy model, trendsetters, fashion designers, and creative types of all kinds mingled and eyed each other from afar.


Starting ever so fashionably late, guests ascended the stairs to the top floor where interns groggily stood around, clutching none other than a Brooklyn Brew. Circles formed around all of Timothy’s creations, where attendees stared at the models who made slight, eerie movements. The pieces they wore were part architecture, part sculpture, a little bit fashion, and a lot of drama. The first piece of the show was a graphic creation, reminiscent of Roberto Cappuci’s geometric gowns. It featured a pyramid-like structured skirt with a reverse-pyramid bodice. Each leg of the pyramid ascended at an exaggerated angle, creating theatrics within his stagnant piece.


Timothy’s second piece was more of a traditional gown. He used brown silk and lame to manipulated a net-like texture on sheer and opaque. The piece had the same geometric feel as the first due to the pleating on the back, and the models makeup mocked the texture on the dress.
The most popular piece seemed to be the teardrop-shaped covering on one of the models in the back. She stood with one of her breasts half exposed, a black streak running down the side of her face. The dress balanced on her, exposing her shoulder and much of her torso. It was hand painted white silk gazar with dramatic black sweeps of paint.



The models stood atop platforms in a stark atmosphere created by Timothy himself: blood red and black drapery hung in the center and haunting music played in the background. The presentation sure wasn’t a traditional fashion show. The models were still, yet his pieces moved and spoke for themselves.



More photos click here.

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