Timo Weiland Spring 2012 ++Exclusive INTERVIEW WITH TIMO AND ALAN

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The Timo Weiland show last night was as on time as two famous indie designers could be, which is 45 minutes late. It didn’t matter because the suspense added to the buzz of the hugely discussed designer duo’s Spring 2012 collection. This also ensured all the pretty people had more time to do more pretty people watching. The pretty people, as it is every year at NYFW,were extra pretty, etc. I ran into The Man Repeller while scanning my QR code to get in and definitely gawked, then tweeted @ManRepeller like a stalker then thought, “OMG THE MAN REPELLER!!!” before standing in line to be seated. I hoped she was as captivated  by my gold sparkle shirt as everyone else was.  Across the room from me was Ann Dexter -Jones, who is rock star royalty status, seated beside the very  beautiful bright blonde Annabelle Dexter-Jones who was seated beside Andre Saraiva.  I also saw Bill Cunnigham, Thomas Jane, Johnny Weir and Hannah Bronfman. More gawking ensued.

(My view)

(Photos: Style.com)
The mood of the collection was definitely set for someone who lives their life in an active and glamorous way, very tomboy chic. The tomboy vibe was  channeled though backwards baseball caps and fun, playful, mid-drift baring, tops.  There were a few takes on the bustier that I absolutely adored. The short and long bouncy skirts billowed on the runway. Everything pretty much looked as cute as it could and how I strive to dress everyday.

The guys were super cute and styled in  polished slacker-like attire. I’ve actually never seen a baseball  jacket look so attractive on any group of men. I only want to date a guy who can pull this off now, aka a model. More specifically this guy:

or this one:

(Photos: Style.com)

My favorite looks were the ones where the girls looked effortless. How easy would it be to throw on these clothes and look this amazing! If these were in my closet I could do anything! When I saw this come down the runway:

(Photos: Style.com)

I thought I was going to freak out. Silk! Chiffon! Pretty Landscaped Printed Fabric! Baseball Jackets! Baseball Hats! Fuchsia! Orange! Brocade! Sheer Metallic Striped Raffia! It was almost too much wants to handle. Luckily I am very composed.

These clothes can be worn in any country, any city and by any beautiful girl or boy during the warm skin exposed months. It is a winner collection designed by champs. EPIC. I can’t wait to dress models in them.

There were  lots of “WHOOOOSS!!!,” and “YEAHHHHS!!!!” at the start and end of the show. Sure signs of an instant hit. The love and admiration in the room for Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein were instantly recognized. They have lots of beautiful friends and the show seemed less like just any show at Fashion Week, it seemed like an achievement. I think Timo and Alan could feel it. As Timo turned the corner away from the center of the back of the stage I thought I might have seen him break down with tears of happiness.
The soundtrack was curated by Nikolai Philippe Fraiture from The Strokes. It sounded really awesome and went very well with the skinny girl rock and roll strut. It’s my new mixtape I listened to all day. Thanks! (Koko Ntuen)

Girls Names — “Lawrence”
Rolling Stones — “Monkey Man”
La Femme — “Sur La Planche”
Panda Bear — “Last Night at The Jetty”
Dirty Beaches — “Sweet 17”
Suicide – “Ghost Rider”
Broken Social Scene — “Pacific Theme”
Arthur Russell — “See Through”
Talk Talk — “New Grass”
Happy Mondays — “Loose Fit”
The Strokes — “Hawaii”
The Ramones — “Judy Is a Punk”

(Photos: Style.com)


By/ Stefania Consarino

How did you and Alan meet?
Timo: A couple of years ago through working together but we kind of met through friends, but really working together.  That was the reason we are here today working together in the studio making what we make. I had a consulting business and Alan had a streetwear line.
Alan: Our first dialogues where always about similar style.

What are your signs?
Alan: Actually we are pretty much born on the same day. Timo was born on the 21st and I was born on the 22nd of May. And we are both on the cusp of Taurus Gemini. We have a lot of similarities and a lot of differences. We have unbelievable parallels in our lives even just from past history.

Are you guys both from NYC?
Timo: I grew up in Florida. Born in Omaha.
Alan: I am from here.
Timo, what inspired you to start a career in fashion before moving to NYC?
Timo: I was already here working on Wall Street and had a lot of friends were in the industry. It was always what I wanted to do. I was interested in architecture , interested in medicine interested in everything, but it was always fashion.

What inspires your mix of art and fashion?
Alan: It’s this ongoing process you see some fashion you like,  some art you like,  some music that you like , its kind of like this daily input with daily output. Everything we do we try to surround ourselves with things that will eventually inspire us. We try to watch two films a week together and then from there we try to pick films that we know will spark something. You never know. I mean if you really open up your eyes you will see things that you really like that will eventually one day come out of you.

You make alot of landscape like prints, what physical places you do to get inspired?
Timo: We drive around alot. We go to concerts. There are so many I mean Stockholm , Sydney , London. I don’t know its always it could be evolving throughout your life. N.Y. is always you know up here.
Alan: [New York] feels like home. Antwerp , Belgium, was an experience that really stuck with me.We travel a lot. Singapore was inspiring. We have been very fortunate to have been given trips here and there.

Why did Singapore stick with you?
Alan: It’s a very different city. It’s not that populated.
Timo: Its very creative, very dark. There’s almost like a vampiric way about it.
Alan: It’s a strange city.
Which designers and eras most inspire you?
Alan: Yves Saint Laurent from the 70s. We also love stuff from the 80s . Designers that made stuff that are really timeless but modern at the same time. That’s something we try for.
What type of guy or girl wears Timo Weiland?
Timo: One that is always on the go for sure. One that is professional and focused but also very much from NY or aspires to live here someday.
Alan: We are very much about the NY man and woman. We concentrate on the  history here.
So do you guys see yourselves in NYC for a while?
Timo: Yeah, I think forever.
Alan: We are very much New Yorkers.
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