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Jewelry – Dylanex. Coat- CHAE. Pants- Dair Design

Entire look Laurence and Chico

Dress monosuit Gloves New York vintage corset Heike Earrings-stylist own

Top- Posh Me’Ke . White shirt – Monosuit . Pants Hogan McLaughlin. Earrings- stylist own.

Jacket- Laurence and Chico

top-Saku. skirt-Dair Design. Necklace- DylanLex. Earrings and choker stylists own

Photos / Noa Grayevsky 

Styling / Vince Smith 

Assistant stylists /  Yuzhara Ribera  + Theresa Rimmel 

Model/  Chavi Hill @chavisthill @ D1 featuring  Jayden Pyram @ Zuri models 

Makeup  / Ethan Hill 

Hair /  Seto Mocoy 

Retouching /  Amanda Unger 

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