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Vintage MC Escher knit top. BDG cheetah print shorts. Vintage Ilam Rabbit Fur Jacket. Block Bolo Necklace (by Golden Pony Workshop). Vintage hat (no label). Vintage gold horse belt. Windsor open-toe booties.Vintage leather fringe bag.The Bowzer Bracelet .Lish Earrings – gunmetal. Stellar ring . Stone Cuff . (by Marrin Costello)

Vintage quilted suede coat (no label). Vintage Saks Fifth Avenue high-waisted skirt Vintage Fox Stole. Double Loop Necklace (by Golden Pony Workshop) Earrings by Marrin Costello.

Fleetwood Mac band tee. Double D Ranchwear suede coat w/beaded/embroidery/ lamb fur details Lux bell bottoms. Crescent moon necklace Mako Pendant. Stellar ring. (All by Marrin Costello)

Vintage Loungees caftan dress Yves Saint Laurent deer horn belt Vintage hat (No label). Horse Hair Hatband and Lasso Necklace by Golden Pony Workshop Silver Valli necklace. Dream bracelets. Turquoise earrings by Marrin Costello Vintage Jane Justin for Don Sophisticates floral dress Opal Stone cuffs. Pave’ bracelet. Gold Chain crystal necklace. Gold Valli necklace by Marrin Costella. Vintage leather fringe bag (worn as oversized clutch)

Photos / Emily Malan

Makeup+ Hair / Tammy Yi 

Styling /  Ryan Castaneda 

Model /  Valeria Ramos @ Vision Los Angeles

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