The Brooklyn Circus

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Ouigi, The Brooklyn Circus/Photographs: Shanna Fisher/Present: Danita Womack
The Store really is like a circus, of  fashionable Brooklyn types parading their beauty throughout the day. To the left you see bright colors, awesome cuts of denim, and two fabulous looking workers; to the right, some tourist,  might walk in asking to have their picture taken in the store and with the owner Ouigi Theodore. He might come out of his office and throw up some signs,  shake hands, and laugh before going back to work. He stops at one point to inspect the frame of the dressing room and looks at his finger,
“Is this dust?”
One of the endeared attractive Brooklyn Circus workers is already right behind him with a cloth napkin and some cleaner. No more needs is spoken.
The Store has a unique history and a rich following of  thuggish looking dandies, you know the type that would be in a 1940’s Gangsta Cult Classic movie, but instead of Clark Gable you might see Ougi and his band of beauties. Instead of Mid -Town the backdrop in the heart of Brooklyn with bricks, trees and all its glory.

The Brooklyn Circus:
150 Nevins Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Tel: 718.858.0919
Hours: Daily 12 Noon-7pm

1521 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
Tel: 415.359.1999
Hours: Daily 12 Noon-7pm

2708 North Halsted
Chicago, IL 60614
Tel: 773.327.7782
Hours: daily 12 Noon-7pm

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