Terese Pagh

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photographer + stylist / Jen Senn

story / Joanne Szilagyi

model / Terese Pagh

shot @ The Jane Hotel, NYC

We first got a glimpse of Terese Pagh on the rooftop of the Dream Hotel She was hard to miss: a leggy Danish model prancing around the dance floor in a skin-tight blue jumpsuit and a huge fishtail braid on her head. She told us that she designed her jumpsuit and she’d bring her handmade clothes and jewelry to our shoot. We got her number. A week later, we crashed a friend-of-a-friend’s room in the Jane Hotel and took these pictures in between shots of Grey Goose and Jack, Red Bulls and red lipstick re-applications.
How long have you been in New York?
About two and a half years, off and on.
How long have you been modeling?
Since I was twelve, so ten years.
What did you do today?
I was in a music video for a pretty cheesy guy who makes the best slash worst pop music. There were a lot of other models there. I’m in the same hair and makeup from there.
Have you ever posed naked?
The only time I ever posed topless was actually on my first shoot. Helena Christensen was the photographer and I had long flowing blonde hair that covered my chest, and a gold crown on my head.
How would you describe your style?
I like mixing classic black-and-white clothes with weird, multi-
colored accessories. I’m inspired by furniture and architecture – I really like Gaudi and a lot of Scandinavian designers.
What’s your favorite drink?
Champagne and Redbull.
What’s your favorite food?
Something spicy, savory and sweet all at the same time.
What’s your favorite city?
How did you start designing your own clothes?
I had a lot of design ideas when I came back from traveling and, being a model, I see a lot of new collections. When I got back from my vacation I had a knee injury and wasn’t able to move much, so I would have a lot of sewing parties with my friend, who’s also a costume designer.
And you have a jewelry business?
Yeah, I mold the plastic for the necklaces and bracelets, cut it, sand it. I like how the colors change depending on the angle of the light hitting it; they have their own life to them. They’ll be in Patricia Field’s store next month.
What’s your favorite things to do on a day off?
I like to read in cafes, play Elder Scrolls [a video game] and watch Naruto.
What was your wildest photo shoot?
When I swam in my own aquarium. It was my first collaboration with my boyfriend.

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