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Story + Photos: Stacy Jean

Stine Goya’s latest Autumn Winter 2013 collection was unveiled this past Copenhagen Fashion Week to the theme of astronauts, moons, and intergalactic goodness. Taking inspiration from the French director George Melies’s film “Le Voyage dans la Lune”, the collection-incorporated an assortment of foil prints, moon and star embellishments from head to toe, and a variety of fresh pastel tones referencing the space age flick.

Beautifully staged, I had a chance to visit the Stine Goya eye candy universe which included a black puffer coat with a killer golden mosaic moon print, gold and black python embossed boots, space age berets with a modern twist, and a to die for ostrich feathered coat. Needless to say my journey to the moon with the Scandinavian designer was well worth my travel time and I will definitely be venturing back for more.



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