Stevieboi Interview

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Photos /Quentin Fears

Stevieboi’s line of  quirky edgy jewelry has given a big splash  of funk to the fashion world. His shades and accessories have been seen on some of the biggest names in pop culture from Lady GAGA to the cast of The Jersey Shore. Fashion Editor Quentin Fears talks with him with about, Anna Dello Russo, Lady GaGa, collaborations with  Rachel Zoe, his new swimwear line, and what he will do next!
Q: Did you ever go to design school? If not, would you  ever consider going?
SB: Great question: I never attended any type of school for design. I
 learned how to do a lot by just testing with different materials, etc. I
would love to go to design school to learn more history. I feel it 
will only take my craft to higher levels.
Q: What are some of your inspirations? You told me once that you where
 inspired by dreams, particularly nightmares. Can you tell me more 
about that?
SB: Yes, I am basically a weirdo! I’m very inspired by my nightmares and
imagination. I always pull from the images in my head, and turn them
into photo-shoot concepts and short films.
Q: Can you tell me a little more about your creative process? Where do 
you find your materials?
SB: I  have found a lot of my materials on recycled metal and fabric websites. Its
very GREEN. I also collect a lot of pieces from old tarnished jewelery
& accessories. The creative process is unexplainable I could never
honestly explain how I turn alot of these pieces into Gems.
Q: When did you first realize that people were paying attention to your work?
SB: To be honest as soon as I started noticing mimics of my shades.
Q: What is your connection to Lady Gaga? How did she first find out about your work?
SB: Lots of emails. Also a lot of people over at Conde Nast put in great
words for me.
Q: What did it feel like seeing her on stage wearing something that you had created?
SB: It was amazing. Honest answer, I didn’t cry or act crazy.  At this point in my career I 
look at it as work. Well, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. It’s fun and what I enjoy.
Q: I just read that you made Anna Dello Russo, the Editor of Vogue 
Japan a pair of glasses. What was that like? Did you totally freakout?
SB: Of-course, I love Anna! I have a great relationship with her beyond her
position at Vogue. Making a pair of sunglasses for her was an honor. I am also very honored to have been given a page in the current issue of Japan Vogue.
Q: Now you are beginning to make other accessories and even clothes. What is
 the idea behind your line, and the feeling you want it to invoke?
SB: The world is dying in my opinion.  My collection Coexist concept its
a mixture of world crises, history, religion, etc. Coexistence is the
reason we are here, and that’s a key element in my next collection. The collection is full of Cross Necklaces, Long Nun Inspired dresses, Cloaks, etc.
Q: What is next for Stevieboi?
SB: Besides clothing & accessories I’m working on my first swim line to
debut in April.
Q: Is it true you are going to work with Celebrity Stylist, Rachel Zoe on 
an upcoming project??
SB: Yes. And I’m really excited about that.
Q: Who are some of your favorite designers?
SB: I’m not really sure.
Q: Who are some of your favorite musicians or bands?
SB: Grace Jones, Mia, Kelis, Kelly Price
Q: If you weren’t a designer what would you do?
SB: A very savy business man or a musician.
Q: When you are not busy making fabulous eye wear, accessories, and
 clothing what do you do?
SB: Do interviews, check emails, and yell at people to get shit in order.
Q: The Beatles or Kanye?
SB: Neither.
Q: Is there anything else you would like to say??
SB: I love what you do Quentin! You are an icon in the making so lets 
continue to strive and takeover the world!

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