SAGE is the New Electro-Pop “Teen Halsey”

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Though she may be a new name to you, SAGE has been writing songs since she was just nine years old. But from writing silly songs and appearing in national commercials to bit parts on Nickelodeon — fifteen year old SAGE has found a sound for herself that’ll soon make her a household name. And while she could have made her start doing cover songs on YouTube like many teenage singers have, SAGE has chosen a different route…
SAGE released her debut single under her new single-name-moniker in December, “Cherries,” which she simply describes as “a song about kissing.” For being only fifteen, the subject matter of SAGE’s lyrics seem to somehow carry a strange duality between bubble gum sweet and super sexy. It’s top line is sweet and innocent, but listen a little deeper, through the distorted guitar and you’ll find something seemingly sexy that makes for a perfect mix.

More recently, SAGE released the dark pop anthem, “Not Really,” an electro-vibe synth-banger that’s undoubtedly a challenge not to dance to. The verse begins with an attitude-driven vocal, “Over it — you keep on saying that I’m over it,” and just like that, you’re captivated into listening to what else this sassy little voice has to say.

Perhaps encompassing sass and attitude not in as hateful a way as in TSwift’s “Look What You Made Me Do,” SAGE will undoubtedly be compared to Taylor in more ways than one — most importantly, her aptitude for writing quippy lyrics that make you feel like she’s been inside your mind. She describes the song as, “Relationship or not — you’re indecisive about what you truly want. For me personally, the song is about still holding onto what I had with a guy even though we both know it’s gone, and I still want him anyway.”

SAGE is the next musical development project from double-diamond Producer PJ Bianco, known for having a hand in the creation of The Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas and more recently, popular synth rock trio, A R I Z O N A. Bianco has former pop-girl experience having also worked with Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony, and brought in Myah Marie Langston to co-write for the project, who is known for her work with the original princess of pop, Britney Spears.
Of his success with artist development, Bianco says it wasn’t something he learned how to do necessarily, but instead is simply an instinct he has with seeking “diamond in the rough” type talent — who with a tad bit of polishing, can make hit records. “ I like to take chances on artists, and that’s usually turned out well for both the artist and I,” he says.
Bianco says of Sage, “Her vocals seem to encompass everything feminine… there’s a feel to it that has something special. It’s not something you can teach.” Bianco has more music planned with SAGE in the coming months, for which she will of course, write her own lyrics for — in a way that only a fifteen year old girl can.




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