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Crochet set hand made by Bulle Pean @lebutdunevie Earrings from WeekDay

Vintage pieces attached together with pins Gloves from Asos

Jean top handmade by Elijah Verrier @woistjahilee Vintage bra and skirt Vintage shoes

Jean set handmade by Elijah Verrier @woistjahilee


Ad: Morgane Nicol @morganenicolmua

Shot by : Shiv @shiv.fr

assisted by : Aurélie Rakotoharime @aurelierakotoharime

Makeup artist: Morgane Nicol @morganenicolmua

assisted by Oceane Lesobre @blueoceanmua

Nail artist: Morgane Nicol


Stylist: Aline Estaquier @jaicriealine

assisted by: Elijah Verrier @woistjahilee

Hairstylist: Myriam Le Gall @afro_dreamz

Models: Ariane @arianeducasse Ségolène @segozaurrr

Crochet set by @lebutdunevie

Jean set and jean neckband by @woistjahilee

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