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photography / Kalindy Anne Williams creative director + stylist / Bonnie Kay Model / Josephine Giles @Frm Management hair +make up / Megan Everett


Shirt from Saint Germain. Playsuit from Toby hearts Ginger. Pot from Reject Shop. Hat brim from Daiso. Shoes from Lanting.
Pot from Masters. Pom Pom compliments of Shio. Tee from Icky Baby. Necklace Vintage shop find. Opaque Tights from Topshop. Shoes from Savers
Top, Vintage shop find. Skirt from Supre
Shirt from Millers. Pants from Black Pepper. Shoes from Rubi. Pot custom made by stylist. Hat from Savers. Gloves from Daiso. Belt from Asos
Pink dress from Supre. Tropical dress from Calypso. Shoes + Flower from Savers. Head piece – Necklace from Emeldo
Dress from Purple Patch. Shoes from Lanting
Dressing gown – Vintage Target. Bag from Sportsgirl. Shoes from Savers
Pom Poms compliments of Shio. Mesh Dress from Shio. Bathing suit from Gorman. Vintage Shoes from Siren.


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