Patrica Field/ Keith Haring Party at Good Units

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Patrcia Field is one of the baddest chics in the game. Her style, attitude and presencse make me write things like, “baddest chics in the game”. Her party last night was no exception. I went from eccentric cute Brooklyn girl to Club Kid as soon as I stepped into the purple den of sin in the basement of the Hudson Hotel that was the Keith Haring by House of Feild party. The display of clothes made me feel like I was having an acid flashback to a time when Andy Warhol was my best freind and I was out everyday of the week during the 80’s in Nyc. Cleary that never happened but the energy last night made me wish it had.
The major points of my night were when at one point my lovely date Quentin Fears spotted Bill Cunningham and started taking his picture to which he replied, “Why aren’t you taking pictures of her?” And then he did, like THREE TIMES. Bill kept smiling at me through the night. I have to admit for someone who is old enough to be my grampy he has major sex appeal. He was one the most popular guys in the room, there were no shortage of shrieks from ladies as he snapped away. I sortof want to take him out on a date, (sorry boyfriend!)
The second highlight happened when the lady of the night Pat Field herself, came THIS close to me. I almost tapped her on her shoulder to gush about my love af House of Field and etc, but stopped myself mid dorky freak out.
Lee Daniels and his gorgeous model niece were there and Quentin wasted no time in chatting them up. The convo ended with Qui possibly extending his styling serves to the Blockbuster director and Azmarie passing off her card. She is one to keep a watch on, not only is she beautiful but she spelled Ladygunn right!
The outfits of the night were basically amazingBalls and made my head spin. See more pics, here, here and here.

Bill Cuningham,  The Original Heartthrob


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