On The Street: Most Fashionable at Occupy Wall Street

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Story + Photos / Koko Ntuen

What is Occupy Wall Street? I’m not so sure. Based on the media coverage I have seen online for the past week the protests seem to  be the old and young alike sharing outrage about the injustice of the political, financial and institutional issues in our nation. Seeing people freak out about everything I have, from the BIG BAILOUT to BOA initiating a 5 dollar surcharge to use a debit card, was exhilarating to watch in the news. It looked like the beginnings of a proper revolution! Amy and I decided to check it out the action for ourselves today and headed to downtown Manhattan. The scene at Liberty Park was sort of like an evacuation center for people coming from liberal arts colleges, squat houses, hostels in the south and The West Village. The park is really pretty and full of colorful Mums. There were lots of UPS boxes from various organizations and supporters from afar, bins of free food, underwear, (I was seriously tempted), socks, body odor, incense, and even condoms! Aside from the people laying in trash, (I cannot ever imagine saying to someone, “We met while I was stepping over him in a pile of TRASH during a protest”…come on people don’t sleep in trash!) and sleeping bags most everyone seemed interesting and energetic. It was easy to see why people could stay there for days.  It was hard not to get distracted about why I was there – to document the most fashionable of course!  Here are some of my favorite picks. 





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