Oliveve’s Dirty Diana

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Story /  Kimberley Brown    Photos /  Shanna Fisher

Sometimes I feel as if I’ve spent the better part of my adult life looking for the most fashionable means by which to cart around my everyday shit. Back in college I stuffed everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) in a simple, chic nylon tote. As soon as I graduated, my tote broke and I found a super cheap canvas alternative. Now this canvas tote was great on the weekends, but I looked like a complete asshole when I went to work in a polished outfit carrying a filthy canvas bag.
Feeling defeated and depressed, my search for the perfect grown up handbag resumed. These days it’s difficult to find a decent sized leather bag that isn’t oddly shaped and covered in weird embellishments. I know what happens to overly embellished bags. Those bells and whistles fall off and I’m left with an overpriced mess.

Then I came across Oliveve’s Dirty Diana. This simple, chic leather tote is big enough to hold an extra pair of flats and has compartments for the rest of my crap. “I love this bag because of the shape and the leather. It’s my carryall,” says designer Lynn Rosetti. Mine too.
Oliveve is available at Steven Alan. Follow them on twitter @oliveve and stalk them on Facebook at facebook.com/oliveve.

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