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OAK and the prolific collective Liaison Femme were collaborating on a project we knew it would be pretty awesome. We had no idea just how awesome it would be until the project graced our inbox with its great sounds and threads alike. This is a project that represents the cross branding and tenacity that vocalizes a true “fashion meets music” entity. OAK is a universe of itself where both women and men share its philosophy of selling and creating second skins; that both function and inspire. The “Alpha” and “Omega” lends to the dualistic existence and the manifesto of the Liaison Femme woman.

For more pics from the project go here!


G*LEE: Founder & Creative Director, LIAISON FEMME
Official website: http://www.coupdegrace.co

Photographer: Jayne Lies
Official website: http://www.jaynelies.com

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