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Photos by Brenna Lipsey @skeezix10

On Thursday, September 6th INXX fashion kicked off fashion week at the legendary punk bar, Don Hill. Stepping foot in the space was like walking into a nostalgic moment in time. The club opened in 1993 at 511 Greenwich Street with a series of celebrity-studded concerts including Iggy Pop, Green Day, and Hole. With walls adorned with artwork of legendary graffiti artist, the bar hosted nightly hedonistic dance parties and once became the sight where Courtney Love covered Lady Gaga and cursed everyone out. The legendary haven for rock and punk bands, socialites and queers, had an abrupt closure soon after Don Hill’s death in 2011, many would say his death was truly the end of an era. 

The iconic bar re-opened its doors for the first time since its closure and hosted the INXX NYFW presentation and afterparty. The collection was bright and colorful with fresh graphics that celebrated Chinese street culture. The styling was complex and fun, but what brought it all together was the outstanding casting of electric artists and creatives, which brought the collection and space alive. 

“INXX is a street brand — it only made sense to cast kids from the street” says Phil Gomez who casted and styled the presentation. “We did the casting in one day during our open model call, and saw over 150 people in 3 hours, most bookings were made through DM’s” And you could tell as the models had a raw energy about them and even if it was just for a day, you could say that one could feel the vibe that Don Hill was so famous and loved for. 

We have an exclusive behind the scenes look at the presentation that was produced by Matte Project in collaboration with Rochambeau.

models: @cultleaderharley, @reallydoedusty, @curlycedd, @extraterrestrialho, @zappa215, @dimitrydino, @arthurkelso, @fermingoldenberg, @thundersyefah, @woonoow, @henrybae, @cheekymaa, @hayden.graye, @kelowlatesha, @astoldbyrelly, @medicinemxn, @pacebypace @artgaang, @astoldbyrelly

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