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story / Bryn Terrell
photographer / Spencer Kohn Stranded NYC

You know that nightmare so many of us experience as a child, of being chased by an ominous, monstrous phantom? I hypothesize the unidentifiable but haunting presence was that of a model with a stocking pulled over her face, stomping fiercely behind you like an Edvard Munch creation come to life. The worst part? Her outfit is much, much cooler than yours. To call the Hood by Air show overall eerie might be an understatement, but isn’t that the point of Fashion Week, to cause a stir and evoke emotion? The designs, in their own respect, were sleek, edgy, and shockingly ready to wear. A nude pleated shirtdress, a belted coat with a zipper slit up the leg, massive amounts of luxurious fur? Those are what dreams are made of.
We are deeming it Dystopian Chic.


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