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story / V Vernard
photographer /  Spencer Kohn Stranded NYC
GIFS /  Spencer Kohn with PHHHOTO

If Becca McCharen and her team at Chromat can do anything it’s turn a regular human into a superhuman. The sharp lines and sophisticated shapes at Chromat have been gracing the fashion world for almost five years now, and season after season the public waits to see what the crew have been crafting up in their subsonic paced studios.
I’m one of the eager ones. I sit in suspense at Milk Made Studios before the launch of the AW15 line anticipating what I will see among a room full of raucous supporters. Waiting for the line to premiere is not just waiting to see shirts and shorts and jackets on monochromatic models,  its waiting to see Chromat’s self proclaimed “cultural experiments for the body” on a dynamic group of people. And, it’s worth it.
Like bats out of hell, models stormed out with ponytails wrapped in latex, each outfit more intoxicating then the last.  The diverse models were clad in seductive and futuristic looks like Swarovski crystal body cages, green laser lighted bustiers and braided hair like garments. Chromat has expanded on their signature pieces and showcased jackets and mesh dresses which were a highlight for me because they can be easily worn but still maintain the Chromat edge.
What made the show so bold beyond the fashion, were the variety of models that donned the pieces. The models much like Chromat each had a personality of their own. The various sizes, shapes and colors which donned the fashion house’s new collection were all uniquely beautiful which is clearly was a testament to the brand. Standout pieces included the motocross inspired latex high collared jacket, the gridded nude illusion corseted tops and the chap like wide legged caged trousers.
Kudos to Chromat for a keeping the future of fashion sleek, exciting and powerful. We are excited to enter into the next dimension with you.



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