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story + pics / Adeline Tan

“I just want to live in a fantasy!” Ken Borochov says, describing his inspiration as a jewelry designer. Dressed in a long white Arabian robe, a gold crown and even his scepter with the letter M perched on his golden staff. Borochov began designing his own line in 2009 out of his need for dramatic, heavily adorned pieces to elevate the photo shoots he styled. Before then, he studied at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and the French couture school, Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. He has styled for and worked in the wholesale department at fashion houses like Celine, Lanvin and Christian Dior.
Borochov’s latest collection (Chastity) is anything but predictable or boring. It’s loud and full of statement pieces perfect for the Queen within or fabulous exhibitionist inside all of us. Mordekai by Ken Borochov is taking a step forward in the right direction especially if you are one for the dramatic and bold. There is a powerful meaning behind the warrior inspired pieces, extravagant Mohawks, pink chains, gold chastity belts and birdcage masks. Tall, dark and beautiful models walked the runway barefoot parading in magnificent headpieces, gold dangling flowers, the combination of delicate lingerie and cage masks. There is something very twisted yet girlish about the collection. It is fun and quirky yet fierce and dominant. Mordekai by Ken Borochov is indeed daring! And makes one heck of a statement. From the looks of his fantastical pieces, frisky chains and headdresses, which has attracted the attention of the constantly eccentrically-styled pop star, Lady Gaga and many more performers, his distinctive vision has certainly been realized.
With Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga as some of his ambassadors, it is safe to say that Mordekai’s command has begun. Performers will be eating his new collection up! And I would even dare say Miley Cyrus would want to get her hands on that “Molly” chain or even the pink “Twerk” necklace.
I was welcomed backstage for a short interview with the magnificent Mr. Borochov himself.

Your collection is amazing! So tell me a little bit about what you are wearing right now?
Ken Borochov: I wanted to give you an Arabian chic look with this robe, so that’s why I am wearing this right now.
Is this part of your heritage or a tradition you have?
No, I just love it. It makes me feel powerful

I like the gold accents and the crown just tops it off! Tell me a bit about your collection and what inspired it?
The collection is really, the main thing I was trying to show was about false expectations about life and how the world has all this censorship. The world tries to shelter you, but at the end of the day you think it would be beautiful, but when you come out you say to yourself, “This is not what I expected at all!”
So it’s almost like a brutal reality.
Like a punch in the face.
It is, but at the same time is trying to make it beautiful and angle the rough sides of reality.
It is really cool. I saw a lot of cage masks and chains. Does that represent something?
It does. It represents that you don’t have freedom within yourself. That is what I was trying to say, it is not about society. I really think that you can express yourself and do whatever you want but if you don’t feel comfortable with who you are or confident. And that is what I was trying to really explore.
Just bringing out the confident woman within you!
Yes, that’s why the last one (look) had the rainbow and the girl with the Mohawk headpiece.
It reminds me of warrior women.
It is. I want my girls to be strong!
I noticed you had necklaces that said “Queen” and one had “Molly” on it. (laughs)
It is just a little tongue-in-cheek (laughs). “Queen” though, we love Queen. We do crowns so it’s sort of a reflection of that. Everybody is a queen!
What is your vision for your name and your brand? What are you expecting to come after this collection is released?
Well, there is a new project I’m working on that will be announced tomorrow. I just want to keep working for performers; I feel that’s where I shine.
Yeah, you’ve worked with Lady Gaga and Kanye West.
Nicki Minaj too. Yes. So that is where I want to go with my collection. That is where I think I shine the most!
On stage! With bright lights.
Exactly. I want to give people a show!
So you are from Israel, you grew up in Los Angeles, lived in Paris and now based in New York. How did moving around and having different experiences influence your designs?
I think it’s all just part of me. I think my style is a little LA showgirl but at the same time it also has an edgy New Yorker vibe to it.
Yes, I feel that all your gold pieces and crowns are very fairytale inspired. Was that a big deal to you growing up?
It is! I just want to live in a fantasy! That is what I want.
That’s what we all want! (laughs) Thank you so much for your time! And congratulations on such a wonderful collection.
Thank you.


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