Model Fridays! Nianga

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Nianga @ Q Models

Photo / David Joseph Perez

Stylist /  Javier Lewis

Hair/MU /  Kimiyuki Masawa

Interview / Koko Ntuen

What does your name mean? It does’nt have a meaning! But it does have a meaning for me, because I am named after my grandmother.
Where are you from? Holland
What is your earliest childhood memory? Listening to my uncle’s music on my red and yellow Walkman!
What are you most looking forward to this fashion week? To meet new people and party of course.

Do you like being a model? Yes.
What was your experience like on set for this shoot? Really chill and nice music
If you could have a ten page spread in any magazine what would it be? V Magazine.
What is your dream campaign? Calvin Klein
Who is your celebrity crush? Justin Timberlake
What was the worst way a guy tried to pick you up? I know you from something, I really do!
Who is your valentine? My boyfriend Jaziah
Have you ever been dumped by a boyfriend? What happened? Yes! He cheated on me!

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