MODEL FRIDAYS! Natalie Torres @ JAG Models

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LADYGUNN Natalie Torres 1
photos / Atisha Paulson
interview / Koko Ntuen
Meet Texas-bred beauty Natalie Torres.This bodacious beauty will fill more than just your eyes with joy, she will also fill your heart. A reiki healer who gets off on authenticity & love you can tell her beauty runs inside and out.
how did you start modeling?
I was part of a talent agency in Texas and I went to the agency party. I met a man there that had connections with agencies all over. He made the connections for me and five months later I was a working model living in New York.
 what is the best thing about it?
The interesting people I get to meet and getting paid to travel all over.
 what is something people are usually surprised to find out about you?
That I’m from Texas and I know nothing about the football.
what is the last book you read?
Power vs. Force by David Hawkins
what is one thing you noticed is changing in the “industry”?  
People are waking up to the fact that being a plus size model is a real thing and should be taken just as seriously as being straight size.
what is one thing you would like see change in the industry?
Drop the title ‘plus size model” or “curvy model” and just call us models. We do the same thing.
do you have any funny go see stories?
Yeah. One time i was changing behind a curtain and I didn’t know where the stylist was exactly. I knew he was somewhere on the other side of the curtain. I ended up elbowing him in his privates when I was getting my jeans back on! OUCH! I definitely didn’t book that one!
are you in love? with who?
Well yes I am. I’m in love with my best friend & his name is Kyle. He’s from the south too.
what is something you want to say to people who are reading this interview?
Don’t take life too seriously. Have fun and laugh more. Be kind to yourself & others.
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