Model Fridays! Lily Zhi

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photo/ David Joseph Perez

stylist /  Katie Keim

model / Lily Zhi @ IMG

interview / Koko Ntuen

How was fashion week? It was good, but last year it was better.
What was your favorite show to walk in? I can’t remember the name.
Why did you want to be a model? I was attending dance school in China and it was normal for all the tall girls to go to the model competition, which I won. From there I got a mother agency.
How long have you been in New York? I have been living here for one year.
Where are you from? Shanghai, China.
Do you have brothers and sisters? One older brother because in China you’re only allowed one child, so my mom paid a lot to have me and she lost her job.
When is your birthday? April 14th.
What are you most looking forward to this spring? The weather
What are your favorite brands? Chanel
If you would be anywhere with anyone right now where/ who would it be? I would be the Korean Rain in Chinatown in New York.
What is your dream campaign? Dior.
Who is your celebrity crush? Beyonce.
What do you think of the fashion industry? I think that it is the agencies and designer’s game. Whatever beauty trend they choose to be in a certain season, then it so. If they want an Asian girl to be hot a certain season then that is what will happen…same with a plus-size model, black models, etc. Whatever they choose, will happen. It is their game.



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