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LADYGUNN Leore Hayon 12
photography /  Davis Ayer
model  / Leore Hayon
interview / Koko Ntuen

You might recognize Leore Hayon from the countless blogs, campaigns and editorials she has starred in. She is certainly no stranger to LADYGUNN as we have featured her many times and at one point she was our unofficial mascot for all fashion editorials. You might also know her for her cult followed blog, The Girl Habit. Either way  you will be blown away by the Israeli, Moroccan, Swedish and Italian beauty. Her long ferocious mane, hypnotizing eyes and bohemian style are just some of the reasons we love this babe. We chatted with Leore to see what she was up to these days.
How did you start modeling?
I was discovered working at a surf/skate shop in high school. I started out modeling for American Apparel. After I graduated college I decided to pursue it more seriously and signed with an agency.
What do you like to do in your downtime?
I don’t have much down time but when I do I love to read, watch movies and look at fashion magazines. Pretty girl things. Also $20 Thai massages!
What is the last vacation you went on?
I went to Oahu. I go almost every year. The North Shore is one of my favorite places. And I just got back from Coachella which always feels like a great escape.
Who was the last person you said ” I love you” to?
Probably myself in hot yoga to be honest. Self love is very important. Especially in a business where rejection comes every day.
What are your favorite jobs to book?
Anything creative. I love some good bohemian vibes and shooting in nature.
What are your hardest jobs to book?
No hard jobs. Whatever is meant to be will be. I’ve learned you can’t force anything.
What else do you do besides modeling?
Modeling is what led me to acting. Acting is my passion and my current focus. My new film Eden is coming out in theaters end of the summer! We shot on an island in Malaysia for two months. It’s an experience I will never forgot.
Do people recognize you on the street?
Not usually but occasionally at festivals. They ask if I’m “The Girl Habit”
How do you stay grounded?
Hot yoga (bikram 26 postures) and also hanging out with my good friends
What stresses you out?
Give a shout out to someone.
Hi parents!!!
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