Model Fridays! Kate C @ Muse

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photographer / Ryan Slack
model / Kate @ Muse
stylist / Kerri Scales
interview / Tiffany Tso

Leather One-sie,  Alexander Wang. Shoes, Converse.

How long have you been modeling?
I’ve been modeling for few years.
Where are you from originally?
I’m originally from Poland.
What is your favorite thing about NY?
Spontaneity and opportunity to meet people from different cultures from all over the world everyday.
What are some of your side hobbies?
I’m interested in independent cinema, and I really like going to theatre or opera as well. I don’t have lots of time for that, so to me every time there is special. Me and my best friends are also always eager to see some art exhibitions. I love hiking the mountains, too.
Where do you like to spend your time off?
I spend my time off in various places like parks, small, fascinating restaurants or coffee houses, the cinema… I like hosting my friends at my home too, simply.
Dream vacation?
Oh, it could be many locations. I’d have probably fun travelling to a place that I‘d find calm or abandoned, unknown. It doesn’t matter where exactly in the world. Anywhere but with my loved ones, for example in the Polish mountains.
What have some of your favorite jobs been in the past few months?
Some of my last shoots for editorials and shows that I did in New York and London. I really enjoyed working for advertisement as well.
Craziest shoot experience?
Shooting in winter; it was freezing, and I was wearing only a thin dress.
Favorite designers of the moment?
Burberry or Chanel.
How did you used to dress in high school?
In high school, I used to dress very simple, maybe sometimes a bit elegantly but somewhat in a messy way.
Trend you hate the most?
What are some exciting projects you have coming up?
My first travel to Asia, next Fashion Week hopefully. I also can’t wait to see the advertisement I did few months ago.

Top, American Apparel.  Overalls, Vintage. Flannel, Relwen, Shoes, Converse.

Bathing suit/top, Alexander Wang. Pants, Diesel. Shoes, Converse.

Custom jacket designed by Caitlin McConnell, Pants, Vintage, Shoes, Converse.

more pictures here!

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