Model Fridays! I Hate Blonde

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The last time I see Rachel Lynch, we are at a party for the opening of The Nine Studios. Bleach blonde, fiery as hell,she was wearing fishnet bellbottoms, a leather jacket Moschino bag and not much else. She’s know around the blogosphere as, I Hate Blonde, where her daily life, style, and musings were a launching pad to her to an “it-girl” status or as the internet calls it these days, an “influencer.”


Rachel is constantly called upon to showcase her edgy, unique style in blogs and magazines on an international platform. She shares a variety of intimate, and sensual moments with her audience,captured by one of the bevy of talented creatives she is normally seen with. We get to meet the girl on the platform shoes and behind the signature half mouthed smirk.

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What’s your favorite part about your blog? 
I love having a place that’s my own, where I can do whatever I want.


Why “I hate blonde?”
I came up with it in a bio lab my junior year of college actually. We were dissecting pigs, and I thought it was really sad that they could go through their entire life without the opportunity to dye their hair/change their appearance in some way. I was also just being a pouty vegan.


Where is the weirdest place you ever got recognized?
I always get recognized at the airport for some reason, especially LAX. It never fails to throw me off, especially cause I’m not always looking my most chic when traveling ~


Who are your role models?
Wayne Dyer is probably my favorite human, I wish I would have had the chance to meet him before he passed last year. I also really like Marianne Williamson for all the work she’s done, and for being such a strong woman. But mostly, I try to live my life like Henry David Thoreau. I’ve read his work numerous times and it never fails to inspire me wherever I am in life.


Has anyone ever been inappropriate with you in public?
Men. Cat-calling. Disgusting.


What’s your favored part about working with Jen Senn ?
Probably how well we know each other, which translates into how well we work together. When you’re comfortable with someone the work is just better. I’ve know her a little over two years now, and to watch her work progress so much is a really amazing thing. I’m so proud of her.


Who are some of your favorite photographers?
Wow, so many! Jen Senn, obviously. My friend Dustin, owner of Nakid Magazine. His work is literally incredible and I still have yet to see anyone create quite  like him. Jason Lee Parry and Daniel Regan. I also really like Maclay Heriot and the way he captures musicians.


Where do you want to be in 5 years?
Not really sure, hopefully just growing more into myself. By then I’m hoping to have read a lot more books, made more paintings, and met more people. Those are the only things that really matter.


What is a dream collaboration or you? 
Probably working with Jeremy Scott someday. I am a huge fan of everything he has accomplished.


How did u start blogging?
I started my blog when I was eighteen. I’m from Michigan, and literally some of my first photos were taken by my dad. We drove around downtown Detroit and I had my different outfits laid out in the back of his car.


What does it mean to be an influencer?
I think it means your responsible for being a good taste maker. Which means not saying yes to everything, you have to have an editorial eye.


Do you have die hard fans who send you mail?
Haha yeah, I get a lot of cute snapchats from fans. It’s the best and they fill my heart daily.
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