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photographed by /  David Joseph Perez

stylist / Kim Brown

Dagmara w/ FORD Models

interview / Koko Ntuen

clothing courtesy of Intermix

Interview with Dagmara

Where are you from? Silesia, Poland What is your background? Polish
How did you start modeling? Ex-booker found me on facebook.
Who is your celebrity crush? Anja Rubik
What brands would you love to work for? Chanel
Where do you like to spend vacations? Tokyo
What was the last thing you ate? pizza
Who is your best friend? Polish model- Zuzia
Whats your favorite thing about modeling? Whats your least favorite thing about modeling? Money and traveling. no complaints, as of yet.
When is the last time you got drunk? I am not drinking yet.
If you could be anything else in the world what would it be? Pediatric
What was your high school experience like? It was in cyber-space.
Now ask the photographer a question. What was his answer? Who is my favorite photographer? Helmut Newton and Nick Knight.


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