Model Fridays! Brooke G

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Photographer /PURPLE
Stylist / Rachael Russell
Assistant Stylist / Amanda Del Duca
Hair + Makeup / Ian Glending
Model /  Brooke G @ Wilhelmina
Interview / Koko Ntuen


What month and day where you born? August 27th in Fort Myers, FL.
How did you get scouted? I sent out digitals after deciding that Modeling was something I was interested in doing.
What is the last movie you watched? Chernobyl Diaries.
What is the last song you listened to? All kinds of kinds- Miranda Lambert.
What is your boyfriend/girlfriend name? Ahhh, the term ‘boyfriend’ is not something that I’m interested in right now. Dating is more fun.
What is your dream campaign? My dream campaign would hands down be for Guess.
Do you have your agents number memorized? I don’t know my agents number. I have so many awesome bookers I just have all their numbers saved in my phone.
How many languages do you speak? Only English!
How many countries have you been to? My family travels to the Caribbean a lot, so I’ve been to about 10 countries down there.
What was your favorite part about the shoot? Shooting with Joaquin was so awesome. My favorite part of the shoot was with the Nova. It’s such a beautiful car.
What is your favorite brand right now? Ooh, this is a tough one. Honestly, I’m not one to look at brands. I shop very thrifty so if I find something I like I buy it.
What is you favorite thing about modeling?My favorite thing about modeling is that it’s never the same. Even if I work everyday it’s always something new, exciting, and different with new people and learning opportunities.

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