Model Fridays! Anela

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photographed by /  David Joseph Perez

stylist / Javier Lewis

hair + makeup / Stephanie Peterson

Anela w/ Wilhelmina

interview / Koko Ntuen

What is the craziest thing that ever happened to you on set? To shoot with tarantula spider on my face!!

Who us your favorite client to work for? I don’t have one, every client is different, that’s why I think all of them are special in some way.

Who would you love to work for? I would like to do Victoria Secret show.

If you could do anything else what would it be? I always wanted to be a pharmacist.

What was the last book you read? Book about how we can change our life with positive thinking.

Pants or skirts? Pants!

What was your first kiss? Funny! Mixed feelings about love, fear and butterflies in the stomach of course! 🙂

What have you learned about the modeling industry since you started working? It’s really tough and hard industry! You have to be strong, professional and you have to do your best and make sure client will book you again! It’s a really big competition in fashion industry!

Where is your favorite place you’ve been in the world? Until now for sure NYC!;)

Who would you want to date if you could date anyone in the world? I never thought about that!

Where us your ideal place to live? It’s hard to decide when you travel so much!

Do you play any instruments? No.

What magazines do you read? Fashion magazines all over the world.











































































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