MODEL FRIDAY'S: Aleksandra Semechkina

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Name: Aleksandra Semechkina
Profession: Model
Agency: Major Model Management
Photos by Rick Kim
Aleksandra arrived to the casting in her hipster model off duty style with her girlfriend as she patiently awaited in the front studio at Dakota Studios. We loved the look that Aleksandra had so much we did the quick interview right on the spot. With long brown hair and energetic aura it was apparent she had a passion for modeling and fashion.
So what’s your name and where are you from?
I’m Aleksandra Semechkina try to spell that one. I am 19 years old and I’m originally from Russia and I’m with Major Models.
What’s your favorite/least favorite thing about modeling?
I just really think that there’s something super artistic about the fashion industry overall. The bad thing is that it can be very repetitive and I don’t like the fact that the industry overall is rather super thin. So it puts a certain pressure on society overall and models especially, but um it’s all worth it. It’s just a great game as long as you can be in it.
What’s your most favorite place on earth.
Bangkok, Thailand – I’m in love with Bangkok.
What are you biggest crushes?
As creepy as it sounds, Ellen Degeneres. There’s something about her I find really really attractive. My girlfriend didn’t hear that – my girlfriend did not hear that!
What’s your favorite food?
Pad Thai – Pad Thai and ice cream. I mean Salad 😉
What as your most interesting job?
There’s been a whole bunch but one of the most favorite ones was definitely an video editorial for Fly 16×9 Magazine. It was very artistic and it entailed very interesting themes.

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