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LADYGUNN Noemi Manser 5

photos / Atisha Paulson

model / Noemi Manser @IMG

interview / Koko Ntuen

Ladies and gentleman, meet Noemi Manser. She has been the LADYGUNN crush for the last few months and it doesn’t look like our hearts are going to stop beating for this Swiss beauty anytime soon. Noemi has all the looks of a modern day supermodel while making  artwork exciting enough to rattle all the circuits in your head. In short she is wonderful.
Why did you start modeling?
I was discovered by the age of 15 and it went hand in hand with the other things I was doing. Also I love to travel and combine traveling with work.
Where do you love to be to be the most?
Close to nature.
What stresses you out the most?
Stress itself.
What is the scariest thing about the media?
The lies.
What is one goal you have for the future?
To wake up every morning with a smile and a loving heart
What is your favorite thing about LA?
The weather.
What do you hate most about LA?
What was the last thing you cooked for someone?
Banana cake.
Say hi to someone.
To my brother Joshua who’s in Switzerland 🙂
What have you discovered most about yourself through your art?
My subconsciousness.
What is on thing you discovered you loved this year?
Green tea mochi ice cream.
How do you get in the zone to create? 
When I feel timeless… mostly with music… but getting in the zone I can not always influence, it can also happen anytime. I carry my sketchbook, ink and pencil with me always. As soon as I put the canvas up, put the colors out, I’m in the zone…
What is a dream day for you?
I guess when I am able to be totally in the present moment, nonjudgmental, enjoying and being grateful for what is surrounding me and given to me 🙂
Where is last place you went on date?
In NYC, to a yoga class.
What is one campaign you would love to star in?
In a campaign that stands for human rights.
If you could pick one person to co-star in a movie with you who would it be?
Alejandro Jodorowski.
What is the last book you read?
Marianne Williamson, ‘A Woman’s worth.’
When is the last time you were on a plane?
Last week.
Where did you go?
Los Angeles.

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