Model Fridays! Liam Dean @ Red

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photos / Jen Senn

stylist + interview / Koko Ntuen

Liam Dean, not to be confused with James Dean or Brad Pitt or Micheal Pitt or  a young Leonardo DiCaprio, although his looks and demeanor rival these icons, is the latest model/ person to fall on our radar and simultaneously we fell under his spell. A quick google search will show that  recently he was caught up in the headlines for a rumored dating of Lindsay Lohan and although we didn’t discuss that / he didn’t answer our questions about it, we still flirted with him to our hearts content on set. Between sips of Stella, clothing changes, walks in Chinatown and hand rolled cigarettes provided by our subject,  this Model Fridays! was one for the books. Check out Liam in a campaign, commercial, art gallery or big screen near you. We have a feeling we will be seeing him in a lot of places soon and thats the way we want it. 🙂

Shirt and Shorts, Orley. Shoes, Andrew Marc X Richard Chai.

Where are you from?

Born and raised in Manhattan.
How did you get “discovered”

After prom night of my junior year I went out to Wip, where I was discovered by my current agent.
Where do you see yourself living in 5 years?
My own loft with an art studio.
Who is your best friend?
My dad
What is the last vacation you went on?
I went to St. Martins in the Caribbean.
What was the most awkward thing that ever happened to you while in front of the camera?
I cant think of anything
Who do you have a crush on?
At the moment nobody.
What was your first kiss?
I don’t remember but my first meaningful kiss was with my first love.
Will you write us a haiku about your day?
Open my lids to light.
Up my body and spirits,
I discover each day.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Roll over and go back to sleep.
What was your favorite thing about the LADYGUNN photo shoot?
When we went outside to shoot on the street we found a stray cat. It came up to me and we took some pictures
What is the last movie you saw?
One Day.
If you could be anywhere right now with anyone where and who would it be?
On the coast of Costa Rica with Michelangelo.
When is your birthday?
July 9th 1994.
Who would you love to work with?
Kate Moss.
Tell us a secret
If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret.
What is the last annoying thing that happened to you?
I got a flat tire on my bicycle.
Have you ever found money on the street?
Yeah a couple times, never more than a single or a five.
Shirt and Shorts, Osklen.
Shirt and Shorts, 


Shoes, Andrew Marc X Richard Chai.
Jacket and Shorts, Richard Chai. Shirt, Orley.

Hoodie, American Apparel. Shorts, Osklen. Scarf, Orley.  Shoes, Andrew Marc X Richard Chai.

Hoodie, American Apparel. Shorts, Osklen.

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