Maison Fin De Saison

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London based design house Maison Fin De Saison MAN GARB collection is being released this February and it’s already the talk of the fashion world. It’s rare to come across a brand that is “edgy” in the purest sense of the term while maintaining an air of delicate sophistication. These juxtapositions have carried themselves through the designs making for fashion that is art, thought and wearable to boot! This multidimensional brand is one to start keeping tabs on, from their clothes to their videos to their ideas everything is solid. We got to talk to them about style, love, inspiration and a fashion revolution.

What was your inspiration for the new collection and how would you like this collection to inspire the consumer?
Maison Fin De Saison itself is visionary, its more of what and how our ideology cultivates or obsesses each season. The three key characteristics of our vision, philosophy specifically ethics & morality, mankind and black and white film.
This season FW12, is called MAN GARB, its about mankind, an aura, a feeling of subconscious- conscious. Our fall winter 2012 film, was inspired by the notion and the capacity of the senses. We are conscious and subconscious to our senses, desires and ideals. We are maddened by our own conditions, we are liberated by our contradictions, or are we? A creature who is ignorant and limited but intelligent and free-Rousseau.
Reach out/mankind.
Created with feminine fabrics thrown into confused state of play with menswear fabric, Emu, Ostrich, Cock and Guinea Fowl and the emphasis of stage and character.
Our work cannot be consumed, it must be felt with self interpretation or simply aesthetically appreciated. We cannot comprehend the word ‘consumer’, it is to be freely enjoyed as only your eye would see and henceforth your bodily character would support the same language. Maison Fin De Saison  believes in the individual and self-realization, thats inspiration without necessarily forcing this upon another. The pieces are too rich in character to be identified with the terminology consume. They have to be discovered.
The individual is whom we create for- we believe in the individual, its about reaction.
The collection has been described with the term edgy, what term would you use to describe the Maison Fin de Saison aesthetic?
A Chimerical planet.
Who would you like to dress?
How do you feel about the neo-hipster fashion movement?
Individuality comes first, we need revolutions to progress as a world.
What is your favorite must-have piece from the collection?
Quite a few of our pieces hold a timeless reflection, one of my favorite pieces is the dress – Libre; minimalist cut, nappa leather neckline, Guinea fowl on the hem and unconventional sleeve length.
The collection is a masterful convergence of masculine and feminine concepts, what other social opposites do you like to play with?
The principles of right and wrong, our response to conventional- unconventional, the human state, freedom- unfreedom, revolutionary actions.
For some, this may seem mind-boggling to try to comprehend how all of these can fit into garb, how do we display these characteristics in our seasons? Somehow we do, it can be difficult to explain but thats the beauty of our work.
How did you get started in the design industry?
My brother being a student of law and I studied design throughout all of my education, not restricted to womenswear but also other major areas involving the Arts. Being of Indian ethnic origin and rasied in London, we carry both holistic vision in design and wearable structures. To answer your question, we were surrounded by design from a very early age, it is only in the last 2 years the vision became more intense. This saw the creation of Maison Fin De Saison and paired as the unorthodox and progressive – Avante agarde.
Maison Fin De Saison has seen tremendous reception and interest since its launch, we have also been featured in Fault magazine and Schon magazine London, both magazines being creatively stimulating and bringing forward interesting visions on design and the arts.

Who is the Maison fin de Saison man or woman?
She cannot be defined, she has no sterotype, she is an intellectually present women, she is progressive, she is revolutionary in her thought and choice.
At present Maison Fin De Sasion only create for women, however due to male response and interest in our work, there may be a possibility of encapsulating a menswear season. None the less you will always find the aura of masculinity in our feminine seasons.

Maison fin de Saison – Presents Man Garb. from Giovanni Martins on Vimeo.

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