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Kathia Lynne‘s second jewelry collection is a golden breeze of pieces to treasure. The Silk Collection weaves a delicate texture into gold, a playing on the rippling, wonders of silk.


The New York-based designer and musician originally hails from Puerto Rico. She spends her days working on her self-titled jewelry line and a music project that just released their EP,  Killing With Gloves of Silk. Katha has integrated long-held passions for design and music in every facet of her life.


“My line is the synchronicity between design and music.  From exploring silk fibers, to forms and shapes, The Silk Collection is a visual representation of my EP,” Lynne says.


She goes on, “The Silk Collection is handcrafted in 10k – 14k or 24k gold, 14k gold plated, brass or silver in the city of New York. I wanted to pay tribute to Puerto Rico so I took the campaign to The Cemetery María Magdalena De Pazzis at just steps from The School of Fine Arts of Puerto Rico where I studied Fashion Design.”


And just like her jewelry, the story becomes a perfect circle.

Photos /  Nicole Pagan 
Jewelry /  Kathia Lynne 
Model /  Cenit Nadir
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