Lonely Hearts

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Photographer / Chelsea Jade Story / Esther S. Kim
Stylist / Imogen Wilson
Fashion Assistant / Leah Netten +  Hair + Makeup / Phoebe Leonard
Model /  Anastazia @ 62 Models
All lingerie LONELY BY LONELY HEARTS all jewelery MANIA MANIA from Black Box Boutique





My first real introduction to New Zealand label Lonely Hearts was a photo of their signature cutout bodysuit, and I fell in instantly fell in love with their line. The creative duo behind the much-loved fashion brand, Helene Morris and Steve Ferguson, curate perfect seasons of sassy-but-smart pieces year after year. Their clothes ask and answer an age-old open-ended sartorial question: Who do you want to be today?
The designers of Lonely Hearts and ironically married couple Helene and Steve understand the balance that womenswear should have: feminine prints and textures, stunning dresses and beautiful bras, cheeky cuts and everyday-wear potential. But all of this comes with the perfect drape and fit, an extra step that makes wearing their clothes so much more enjoyable (and confidence-boosting!). There’s something about their clothing that inspires my own sense of style to grow and explore, and makes me braver about trying particular looks and combinations of pieces that I never would have thought of before. Lonely Hearts’ collections have an amazing versatility to run the gamut between looking über-girly or utterly edgy, giving you the ability to transform the piece—and possibly yourself—each time you wear it.
Their lingerie line, Lonely by Lonely Hearts, is a lustworthy collection of mesh, velvet and lace that has architectural lines yet retains its femininity via original floral prints and peek-a-boo cutouts. The mixtures of different fabrics heighten their sensual quality, and they feel like they can transform you into a woman you didn’t know you could be. If you don’t feel like hiding your lingerie, Lonely Hearts’ ready-to-wear pieces give plenty of opportunities to show off your innerwear a part of your outfit. Whether it’s their elaborate straps layered under sleeveless dresses, or sheer maxi dresses over lacy bodysuits, Lonely is a lingerie lover’s dream.
What I love most about the beautiful collections from Lonely Hearts is that they seem to cater to the romance-obsessed girly girl, but if you look closely, small details throughout their label make the clothes feel, well, a tiny bit badass. And sometimes you need a bit of badass for protection, especially if you’re a lonely heart in this world.

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